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Samanthi Publications Private Limited is engaged in publishing trade magazines, scholarly journals, industry directories and books in print and online. The major periodical publications are The Scitech Journal, Composites Today and Life Science Research. With about 20 years since inception, Samanthi Publications also publishes industry related Online Directories such as the Composites Industry and Life Sciences Industry.

The Scitech Journal

The Scitech Journal is a multi disciplinary monthly publication in print and digital format dedicated to science, technology and innovation and aims to promote communication and interaction among, scientists, engineers and public. The mission is to spread awareness about scientific and technological advancements and achievements by publishing the latest scientific discoveries and technological innovations

Life Science Research

Life Science Research is a monthly print publication covering the core sectors of life sciences research- drugs and therapeutics, diagnostics, biomedical, healthcare, agricultural, environmental, food and industrial biotechnology. It publishes news, reports, tutorials, features, updates etc about the new technology/methodology for the research, break through discoveries and developments in the core sectors and also about the commercial, legal, ethical and societal impacts..

Composites Today

Composites Today is a techno commercial journal published monthly, dedicated to composites science technology and business. The magazine formerly known as FRP TODAY started in the year 2000 publishes news, features, reports, reviews, and research articles.


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