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thescitech.org is a publishing group operating under Samanthi Publications with specific focus on science and technology domains. The publications include scholarly journals, technical magazines and books in print online.

The Scitech Journal

The Scitech Journal is a multi disciplinary journal focused on science and technology. The journal’s mission is to encourage communication of primary research in all area of science and technology and to spread scientific awareness. The journal publishes reporting of basic, applied and translational research in any discipline of science and technology and provides a forum for discussion to academic and industrial researchers. The journal is dedicated to publish research papers, reviews, case studies, tools and techniques and short communications The journal also publishes news and commentaries on scientific and technological importance that would be intersting to scientific community and general public

EditorialLife Sciences Industry News

Life Industry News is monthly print publication dedicated biotechnology relevant to the scientific area of biology, pharmaceutical, biomedical, agricultural, environmental, food and industrial biotechnology.. It publishes news, reports, tutorials, features, updates etc about the research as well as about the business of biotechnology.


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